Training Courses

Training is the most effective means to promote the consistent application of safe work practices. Implementation of a successful health and safety program is only possible when all levels of staff are provided with knowledge and trained to apply the best practices of the occupational health and safety management system.

Safety Officer Training

KRMC offers customized, onsite delivery specific to a client’s requirements. In depth 1-3 day Safety Officer training courses include:

  • Biosafety Officer Training
  • Laser Safety Officer Refresher Training
  • Laser Safety Officer Training
  • Radiation Safety Officer and Refresher Training
  • Class II Nuclear Facilities Radiation Safety Officer and Refresher Training
  • Medical Radiation Safety Officer and Refresher Training
  • X-ray Safety Officer and Refresher Training

Publicly available courses for Laser Safety Officer and Radiation Safety Officer are also offered.

User Training

KRMC offers a variety of courses and workshops for specific hazards from basic awareness to in-depth user training courses for:

  • hazard – specific safety training:
    • biosafety
    • chemical
    • laboratory
    • laser
    • radiation
    • X-ray
  • basic and awareness level training

Participant training materials provided with each course. Training duration range from several hours to full day.