Radiation Instrumentation - Online Course

The Radiation Instrumentation Course Online Training Course offers an unique self paced study (through videos, images and short answer segments) that provides course participants a solid background in using and choosing the proper radiation instrumentation.

Man checking radiation with geiger counter

The course consists of 5 Modules that allow for self -paced study. Many videos are included to show the proper operation of various radiation detection instrumentation.  Each module has short question and answer segments that ensures comprehension.

After completion of this online course, participants will have information on proper use, choosing the appropriate instrument, proper survey technique, understanding how different types radiation instrumentation work, understanding an instrument’s specification sheet and performing calculations for Minimum Detectable Activity (MDA). Developed by experienced Radiation Safety Officers and radiation instrumentation experts, the online Radiation Instrumentation Course content has been carefully created to provide participants with practical explanations on how to choose, maintain and use radiation detection equipment.

Who should participate?

This course is ideal for anyone working with radiation ionizing radiation survey equipment in industry, mines, universities, research, hospitals, etc.  Ideal for Radiation Safety Officers, Radiation Technicians, Nuclear Medicine Technologists or anyone wanting to learn about radiation instrumentation for alpha, beta and gamma radiation sources and contamination monitoring.  No prerequisites required.

This course is an excellent refresher for experienced Radiation Safety Officers. Course has been approved by the Canadian Radiation Protection Association (CRPA)  for three (3) maintenance points..


Modules allow for self paced study – study all or select modules of your choosing.  Practice quiz at the end of each module, prepares course participant for the Final Exam.  Many videos are included to show the proper operation of various radiation detection instrumentation.  View on your computer or mobile device.

 Module 1: Radiation Basics

This module provides a basic understanding about the different types of radiation, along with a brief introduction to the units involved in measuring radiation.

Module 2: Methods of Detection

This module looks at the different types of instrumentation devices, and their applications, and choosing the appropriate instrument.   Hand held instruments, area monitors, portal and well counters are discussed.

Module 3: Dosimetry

This module focuses on devices worn by individuals used to measure the radiation dose to them. Digital, analog and dosimetry services in Canada are reviewed.

Module 4: Practical Applications

This module discusses survey meter and contamination meter requirements. Practical applications and videos highlight how to conduct field measurements.

Module 5:   Understanding an Instrumentation Specification Sheet

This unique module highlights and explains the important sections in a radiation instrumentation specification sheets. Sample calculations for Minimum Detectable Activity (MDA) lead the participant to be able to calculate MDA for their own instruments.

No pre requisites required for course participation.


Bryce Gillman at bgillman@bcit.ca