Case Studies

Deloro Mine Site Clean-Up, Ontario

Deloro MineKRMC Inc is providing continuing Radiation Protection oversight for several phases of the Deloro Mine Cleanup. Over the past several years, KRMC radiation safety specialists have provided radiation protection in support of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment’s efforts to clean up the Deloro Mine Site. Through the Contract Administrators, McIntosh Perry Consulting Engineers, KRMC Inc. oversees the radiation protection plan, including ensuring the onsite contractors meet the conditions for worker training, safe work practices, radiation monitoring and decontamination work.


From about the 1860’s until 1961, the Deloro site in Ontario was used for mining and refining. Gold was discovered in 1868 and Deloro was originally the site of extensive gold mining operations, which involved the extraction of gold from ore that had a high arsenic content. The Deloro smelter also processed arsenic-bearing silver and cobalt ores from various locations in northern Ontario. At one point, the mine site began accepting wastes from a nearby uranium/radium extraction plant. These wastes were processed to extract cobalt, which left behind low-level radioactive material byproducts as slag and tailings, along with the chemical contaminants.

In 1979, the Ontario government took over control of the Deloro site. The site is currently operated under the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Waste Nuclear Substance Licence by the Ministry of the Environment.